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Tree Radar 
TreeRadar is an advanced technology that provides information to help certified arborists make a risk assessment.
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Trunk Scans
Root Scans
Design With Nature, LLC is now using Tree Radar
Tree Radar Unit (TRU) is a patented field instrument that uses ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology to determine both the internal structural integrity and the root mass. 

If you have any questions regarding the tree radar system or would like more information, please contact us:
Typically tree trunks are scanned at multiple levels - 6 ft, 5 ft, 4 ft, 3 ft, and 2 ft.  A cross-section image is provided for each elevation in a professional report.
Each scan line produces a "virtual trench" showing the depth and root density of the areas scanned.
Inspection Services
Certified ISA Arborist can provide inspection services for internal trunk decay and/or subsurface root biomass.
TreeRadar is 100% non-invasive to trees and tree roots.
Ground-penetrating radar has been used worldwide for over 30 years.  Using this technology in arboriculture is a new application for Level 3 Arborist Inspections. 

Tree structural stability and tree health are two separate issues but are linked together in tree assessment.  TRU is an advanced tool arborist can use in determining internal issues and acceptable safety limits. It is important to note many trees with decay can still survive well for many years. 

Included in the arborist report is a section showing:
  • Cross-sectional image at each trunk elevation scanned
  • Plot of remaining solid wood thickness at each elevation scanned
  • Plot of subsurface structural root density showing the 360-degree shape and extent of the subsurface root structure at varying distances from the trunk